We’re a community that aims to inspire creative thinking, foster new ideas, and create space for connection. We view our work as critical for a vibrant democracy, and as an antidote to a society splintered by loneliness.

We learn together, build community, and cross-pollinate diverse art forms, groups, and activities. We love to challenge ourselves to think bigger, reimagine our world, and connect over human values that are universal to us all.

We host conversation circles, art shows, creative groups, collaborative workshops, and more in our co-working and event space at Suite 207 in The Soda Plant.

You can join an upcoming gathering or find ways to get involved at democracycreative.org.

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Democracy Creative


🧠 Thought Club

A bi-weekly freeform discussion group. Learn more at thoughtclub.org

🕺 TTuesdays

On many Tuesdays we host a casual gathering for DC members, and DC friends. Check with a member about the schedule — it is often convened last minute.

📝 Writers’ Bloc

Our space’s resident writing group. Every Monday at 7pm. Email [email protected] for any questions.

👷 Workers’ Circle

On 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, AFL-CIO hosts Workers’ Circle at DC.

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Our space is shared with cool & good people:

🏛️ assemble

👨 dad guild

🌎 run on climate

✊ rights & democracy

🔴 vt progressive party

📝 writers' bloc

🥕 zuckerman for vt

📹 kadm creations

👩‍🏭 vt afl-cio

🌹 champlain valley dsa

Want to join our workspace? Contact us at [email protected].


More About Us:

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We love to share our space with other community groups on a sliding scale. Reach out for more info about that, or for any other questions: [email protected].